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Dear parents/carers,

From September 2023 please can all parents ensure that their child has the following:

  • Water bottle

  • 2 to 3 changes of clothes in a bag with your child's name on them

  • Wellington boots for outdoor play with your child's name in them

  • Coats for outdoor play

  • Suncream with your childs name on


If your child is toilet training please ensure you bring plenty of the following clothing: 

  • underwear

  • socks

  • crocs/ jelly shoes that can be worn through the day as these are super easy to clean for our staff on a ratio. 

  • Trousers/leggings 

  • A nappy/pull up for if your child goes through all their clothing. 


Nursery no longer have spare wellington boots and/or clothing that we are able to use, this is due to an increase in children using our spares and not returning them. 

Where parents/ carers have forgotten any of the above, staff will aim to ring and ask you to drop off the forgotten clothing. 

Please do not bring your child into nursery in brand new clothes or shoes, we include every child in all activities, these range from: outdoor play, messy play, creative etc. It is therefore vital your child has all of the above to be able to join in and be changed should they need to be. We aim to provide the best experiences for your child/children. 

Kind regards 

Abacus Nursery Team



Dear parents/ carers,

Nursery management have been left with no choice but to now close the nursery car park from Thursday 5th October 2023 until further notice.

No access to ANY vehicle other than staff cars will be permitted. 

Please park considerately on Neal Avenue. Children are the responsibility of their parents until they are signed in/ out of nursery.

We are extremely apologetic to the parents/ carers who drive safely in and out of our car park, those who follow all our health and safety guidance that is clearly displayed upon entry to our car park and park responsibly. 

However we are finding that some parents/ carers are not adhering the health and safety and therefore are putting themselves and their children at risk and of course other users of the car park. We are being informed of verbal insults being said across the car park in front of children- this is NOT acceptable. 

Please inform any family members who may collect your child in your absence that the car park is now not available to anyone other than staff. 

If you have any questions regarding this decision please ring the nursery and ask to speak to a member of our management team.  

Kindest regards 

Abacus Nursery Management Team  



Happy Halloween!

Today is our Ugly Bug Ball Party. 

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