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Personal Belongings

Good afternoon,

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been asking parents to bring in drinking bottles for their children that have a lid. This is so your child can have them filled with fresh drinking water at nursery throughout the course of their day. Please could we politely ask that all parents bring in a suitable drinking bottle for their child from Monday 25th January 2021. It would also be very helpful if this could be labeled with your child's name. This is due to lots of children potentially bringing in the same drinking bottles. 

Please can we politely remind all parents/carers to bring in wellington boots for their children, this week we have had a mixture of weathers with a little bit of snow and quite alot of rain. Nursery spares are limited, and as above with drinking bottles please label your child's wellington boots with their name. Please note that your child will be able to access all areas of outdoor play and where your child has no wellington boots and if no nursery spares are avaliable your child will be playing outside in their shoes/trainers to ensure that they are taking part in the nursery day with their friends. 

Staff members try their best to visually remember children's bottles and wellington boots however this is a very challenging task when some bottles or boots look the same or some are the same in pattern or design. Staff members have lots of details to remember during the course of their day and we would like to eliminate any confusion as much as possible.

Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter 


Kind regards,

Abacus Nursery Team



Covid-19 Update

Good morning to all our parents/carers,


We would like to say a big thank you, to you all for your continued support and understanding during this new National Lockdown, with special regards to the meet and greet system at the door. 

Please can we politely request that you continue to wear face coverings at the drop off and pick up times, this is due to staff coming close whilst holding your child. The health of safety of everyone is paramount to us. 

I'm sure many of you have heard the talks on the news about nursery's closing/ being open for key workers etc. 

We would like to asure you that as of this time and date we have not been informed of any changes to admission of children at our setting. 

However we would like to plan ahead just incase and in good time so nothing is last minute, therefore we would like to request that each parent if defined as a keyworker on the Government website would kindly email us a letter from their employer on the business headed paper to confirm that you are a key worker. 

Please note that only letters sent on business headed paper will be accepted, if you work for the NHS then please send over a copy of your I.D badge. 

Once again a big thank you for all your support and honest working partnerships

Kind regards

The team at Abacus Day Nursery 



January Update

Good afternoon,


We hope you are continuing to be safe and well, its has been lovely seeing all our children come back after Christmas. 


We would just like to update you by letting you know that we have a new member of staff who will be based in our Toddler Room called Kerry.


Kerry has over 10 years experience of working within nurseries and one of her own children used to attend this nursery a little while ago. 


Some of you may have noticed Shaunna is not in nursery that is because she is saying a 'see you soon' as she goes off to have her baby. We all wish her well!


We would also like to Thank all our parents/carers for their understanding in regards to the meet and greet at the door. 


Stay safe and Thank You for your continued support and kind words




All the staff team at Abacus

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